Where Time-Tested Traditional Medicine Meets Modern Needs

In partnering with the exciting, up-to-the-minute STAT DOCTORS service, PENSA puts your clients and your employees in touch with skilled board-certified E.R. physicans available 24/7. Whether it's urgent care or a routine visit, expert, real-time virtual treatment is just one click away.

Affordable, Reliable and Convenient Healthcare. Seriously.

Created by doctors with a passion to provide the kind of healthcare our fast-paced lifestyles require, STAT DOCTORS pairs the nation's leading board-certified physicians with the kind of technology that allows patients to meet face-to-virtual face with the specialists they need.


Save time, money and stress by eliminating long lines and waiting times with STAT DOCTORS. Just follow a few simpe steps and you're on your way:


Get yourself in the STAT DOCTOR system by creating a personalized account through registering and completing your electronic health record.


Set up an eVisit by accessing your STAT DOCTORS account online or by calling 877.585.STAT.


Once you've made an appointment,  one of our board-certificied doctors will get in touch with you for a consultation, giving you the diagnosis and treatment you deserve.

1, 2, 3. You're DONE!

No matter where you are—home, work or on the road—quality healthcare is right at your fingertips.