Dear Brokers, Say Hello to the Best
Pharmacy Benefits Consultants

If you are a broker, the following service offerings are ready and available for your convenience:

Pharmacy Benefits Management Services Expertise:

PENSA can provide brokers with a PBM Request for Proposal expertise, analysis and implementation of selected solutions. In addition, we can work with brokers to negotiate more favorable terms on their existing contracts. How so?

A Six-Pointed Plan from Your Pharmacy Benefits Consultants

1 - Discovery

  • Review Pharmacy Benefit Plans
  • Analyze Competitiveness to Best Practices
  • Analysis and Development of Pharmacy Benefit Cost Containment Strategies
  • Vendor Procurement of PBM Services
  • PBM Vendor Contract Negotiations

2 - Vendor Procurement

  • Development of Client-Specific Request for Proposal (RFP)

3 - Analysis

  • In-depth Analysis of Vendor RFP Submissions (Technical, Operational, Financial,
    Account and Customer Service, Performance Guarantees)
  • Modeling of proposed financial offers per contract terms
  • PBM vendor selection guidance

4 - Contract Negotiations

  • Negotiates Best in Class terms on behalf of the client, based on current market trends:
  • Technical
  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Account and Customer Service
  • Performance Guarantees

5 - Implementation

  • Develop Outline of Specific Tasks and Timelines
  • Manage Weekly Implementation Conference Calls with Vendor and Client
  • Resolution of Outstanding Issues
  • Assure Appropriate Implementation of Contract Terms
  • Comprehensive Pre “Go-Live” Implementation Test

6 - Oversight & Performance Management

  • Continuous Oversight of PBM Performance
  • Handling Specific Pharmacy Benefit Issues on a Daily Basis
  • Analysis and Recommendation of Quarterly PBM-Recommended Formulary Drug
  • Annual Review and Reconciliation f Client-Specific Performance Guarantees and
  • Resolution with PBM (e.g., GER, GDR, rebates, etc.)
  • Review and Development of Recommendations Regarding PBM Clinical Programs (e.g., Quantity Level Limits, Prior Authorizations, Etc.)
  • Quarterly Claims Reimbursement Validation

Our Services Include: